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Above all else, Anthony W. Hill is dedicated to protecting your rights. When the vast resources of the State or Federal Government are arrayed against you, it is essential that you have someone on your side to fight for you. Mr. Hill is committed to diligently investigating the charges against you and zealously representing you during any grand jury or other criminal investigation. In some cases, this early representation may even allow us to convince the state or the government not to charge you. If criminal charges are brought against you, Anthony W. Hill will continue to provide you with an aggressive, professional defense. If appropriate, he will file and litigate pre-trial motions and try to suppress evidence against you and may even get your case dismissed before trial. If your case is not dismissed, he will zealously fight for you at trial. And, if necessary, Anthony W. Hill will do everything possible to achieve the most reasonable sentencing outcome available, either during plea negotiations or at a sentencing hearing.

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